7 Creative Ways to Find a Job

Finding a steady job placement in today’s market can be difficult enough without thinking about how to impress all the interviewers and employers out there. While standard means of finding someone who can write my paper for me cheap can be successful from time to time, they usually take too long to bake and even then, you might not like the job you ended up with. What are some of the most creative ways in which you can land a job that you actually like and get to keep it?

Blogging about it

You might be surprised as to how many employers are just like you – they spend their free time roaming the internet or looking at funny videos just like everyone else. What they also do from time to time is look for potential employees, ones that are qualified enough to join them but lack conviction, imagination or courage to apply.

Blogging about your dream job and describing how you would do things if you were in charge of a department might just be the thing that tips the odds in your favor. Start writing weekly blog posts about your future job and the small details that you love about it – who knows where it might lead?

Meeting new people

Having acquaintances all over the world is one of the most important parts of life. You never know who you might need in order to get something done or who might contact you in return. This is what the professional world refers to as “networking”, and creating a network of professionals inside your area of interest is a very creative way to get exposure as an expert in the field.

Revealing your work to your acquaintances and having them be aware of your abilities, work style and personal skills is a great way to apply for jobs without even applying for them. Sooner or later, some of them might contact you with a job that they need help with – and the rest is history.

Gathering references

Volunteering and being involved in community activities is a great way to get exposure. What’s even better is to gather written references for anything that you might have done in the past. As soon as a project is finished, ask the client or the organization to give you a reference that you can use to later apply for a job.

It’s a great way to constantly upgrade your resume without actually applying for anything. As such, your profile will look more and more attractive, giving employers an incentive to contact you.

Catering to employers

Everyone can write a resume and submit it as their official job application. But what about actually being called for an interview and getting the job? Most people tend to write their resumes in a general way which allows them to submit a proposal to many employers at once.

This is usually a bad idea since interviewers can easily spot spam resumes and rarely look at them twice afterwards. A good way to avoid this is to look for help from the best professional expert executive resume development service on the web and ask for a curated resume that your employer will love. Writing exactly what your employer wants to read can be difficult, but being a little creative will always work in your favor when hunting for a job.

Problem solving

You might be thinking about why a certain company does things the way it does them. You might not like your favorite company’s branding, their product line or the way their internal structure works – so why not change it?

Give yourself the freedom to be creative and explore certain scenarios as if you were in charge of changing things. What are the elements you would keep and which ones would you change completely? Complete your proposal and submit it to the company’s official mail address, explaining why you did what you did. You might just get a pat on the back if they like the idea, or they might contact you with a wish for further discussion about your side project.

Rocking an internship

As strange as it may be, doing well on an internship is a great way to earn a job employment shortly afterwards. The reason for this is that companies rarely open internship opportunities if they don’t need a new employer.

Some of them are willing to invest time and effort into training a young individual for the sake of hiring them down the line. Whatever internship you apply for, make sure that you do your best in doing so. While it may sound logical that you should do your best, you should do your absolute best without any compromise. Giving your mentor creative ideas about where the company could be headed and how you would affect the internal processes if given the chance is also a great way to influence the company’s decision.

Composing a job description

The most creative way to find a job for yourself is to compose the job description on your own. You can post it on your personal blog, on social media or anywhere on the internet as long as it can be read by others. This is a great way not only to showcase your creativity and ingenuity but also get job recommendations from people who have read your newly created job description. You don’t have to scour the internet for an employment that suits your particular skillset and hope for the best – let others do it for you and contact you if they find something interesting.

In the end

It always comes down to creativity and personal luck when it comes to finding a stable job in today’s society. While being more original and clever than others does help, there is also a huge factor of luck to take into consideration. Do everything you can to be creative and find a job that actually favors your creativity instead of an employment that will extinguish it as soon as you get hired. Cater to your employer’s needs but take care of yourself as well.


How My Stubborn Personality Helped Me to Become a Published Writer

It has been on newsstands since April 23rd, and with all the running around and frolicking in complete and utter joy, I can finally step back for a moment and tell you guys what I am thinking.

I still can’t believe that I am a published writer. 


It’s amazing where a little perseverance and stubbornness can bring you. This all started when I first read the Law of Attraction magazine back in December. I told myself, back then, that some way or how I was going to be a part of this magazine. To get to a goal, you have to lay out mini-goals to achieve it. The steps I took back in December have led me to this moment in April.

So if you are looking to become a published writer, get the career of your life, or even just to get something you’ve never had before. Take a look at the steps I took and apply it to your own life. A little perseverance and stubbornness can bring you a long way.

The best perseverance quote I ever received was this one, “The best way to not get into Harvard, is to not apply.” 

The First Steps

So the first thing I did when I got back from Florida was to like the Law of Attraction Facebook page (I would have followed on twitter as well, but it didn’t have a twitter page). Social Media has become an amazing tool to reach companies and individuals in a personal way. A customer can now start a dialogue with their favorite company, in real-time, and with very little barriers. This wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago, but lucky for us, we are in the present!

Showing interest

So after liking the Facebook page, I sent the administrator of the LOA Facebook page a Facebook message saying how much I loved the magazine (I likened it to being an experience of a mini vacation and each page was like a wave of joy splashing onto me) I like words if you can’t already tell.

Showing my interest in that way did two things for me:

  1. It showed off my writing capabilities in a short couple of sentences
  2. It showed that I was passionate

I chose to send a Facebook message versus a comment, because Facebook messaging is more personal, and was the perfect avenue for what I was soon to ask later.

Ask and you shall receive

I asked her how she got writers for the Law of Attraction magazine.

I wanted to be a writer for the LOA magazine. So what better way to figure out how to do that then to ask the person behind the Facebook page for the magazine (I soon found out that the person who was running the Facebook page also happened to be the Editor-in-Chief!). Do your research. Ask the company of your dreams what they look for in an ideal candidate. The worst that can happen is that they don’t respond back to you. No one is going to yell or get mad at you for asking a question.

So she responded that they looked for experts in the LOA and Self-Help Field, and that they received real-life LOA experience articles from everyday individuals as well. So I started sending her articles that I thought would be great material for the magazine, and fit well with the LOA and Self-Help message.

In the online media world, CONTENT IS KING!

Knowing what content is right for your company or personal brand is essential to customer engagement. Law of Attraction magazine is not going to be sending content out about politics or negative press in the news (Law of Attraction principle: Like Attracts Like). Instead they would send out content about positivity, synchronicity, angels, and finding your life purpose. Their target audiences are predominantly older spiritual minded individuals, zen and yoga admirers, corporate professionals looking for an escape, and spiritual post-grads looking for an answer in the changing economy.


When I was re-reading one of the blog posts that I wrote on this website, I could picture an updated version of this post happily placed within the Law of Attraction magazine. I could visualize it very easily, but I needed to take the first step. Good things come for those who wait, but better things come for those who take the first step. So I went back to the LOA Facebook page, and I posted a link to my blog post to the wall.

A day or two later I got a message from the editor asking if I could send a hi-res headshot of myself, a quick bio, and an updated version of the article to her within 10 days. My article was going to appear in the Summer 2013 issue of the Law of Attraction magazine!

Sometimes we fall into the trap that we can’t get an opportunity, because of the economy. Or that we have to settle for average, because we don’t have the right resources for better.

A stubborn and persevering personality is FREE! It doesn’t cost you anything to have those qualities, but not having those qualities can cost you everything.

Take a moment to take charge of your life and grab whatever it is that you want. Demand what you want and receive the benefits. You have the ability to manifest miracles in your life, you just need to take the first step and the rest will be figured out.

Best of Love!


Learning How to Be Fearless

This is my personal opinion on the two opposing views of fear and courage. “Fear might be easy but it stagnates you, Courage might be hard but it moves you forward.” Now do I always follow it? That’s a different story.

It’s VERY easy to say that we should not live in fear or we should always follow our dreams, but I think when we go about our daily lives it can become difficult to really notice everyday situations as choices between living in fear and acting out in courage.

It’s easy to notice a choice between fear and courage in dire situations, but what about everyday average life? Many people go to work at jobs they hate for fear of the alternative. They stay connected with friends, family, or even relationships that are negative and toxic. Or they choose to not make decisions on anything major, for fear of falling into a trap that they can’t get out.  Those are all subtle fear driven statements. And, if you look at what is immediately surrounding you, they can easily seem like valid statements.

But the problem with succumbing to fear driven statements is that they leave you stuck in the environment that you are trying to escape. Courage driven statements such as, “I’m going to take a leap of faith and find something that makes me happy”, “I don’t need to do what everyone else is doing to feel validated” and “I’m going to be just fine without this negative person in my life,” propel you forward.

Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for everyone

I read an article in the Law of Attraction magazine and it spoke about why the law of attraction doesn’t seem to work for certain people even when they seemingly follow it to a tee. It has nothing to do with who they are as a person, but rather what they project energy wise. A basic concept of the Law of Attraction is that, “Like attracts like.” So to step forward and receive something that is high vibrational, positive, and full of abundance when you are feeling negative, low vibration, and lacking is just not going to happen.

Having positive intentions, vision boards, and wishes for your future will only happen if you put yourself in that same vibrational pattern as what you are trying to attract in your life. Learning to be fearless is essential in attracting the life you want/were meant to live.

No one, on this earth was meant to suffer the whole ride through. I don’t care who you are. You have special talents you were given, you deserve a life full of positivity and abundance, and you NEED to claim it, already!

But what about the reality of life?

Life can seem hopeless if you look at what is immediately manifested around you: struggling economy, income disparity, racial injustice, student loan debt, poverty, war, etc..

Here’s the kicker: The goal is not to re-manifest the world around us, but to manifest something BETTER!

When you live in fear, you are agreeing to a contract to re-manifest the negative that is around you. When you choose courage and step out into your authenticity you create a world around you that reflects that positivity.

Fear has made an art of convincing us that what is around us will always be the reality, but that is not true. A famous quote by Steve Jobs says it best,”Everything around you that you call life was made up by people who were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.”

If Martin Luther King Jr and other Civil Rights activists didn’t have the courage to step forward, basic civil rights for a vast majority of American citizens wouldn’t exist.

If Thomas Edison didn’t have the courage to keep trying after insurmountable failure, we wouldn’t have electricity.

It’s when you think outside the limitations of the environment around you, that true progress happens. You don’t have to be perfect and change your life right this instance, but you can start out by changing one negative fear driven statement a day into a positive courage driven statement.

That’s always a good starting point!

Best of Love!


Just a Reminder that Faith is All You Need



DIY under $20: Create Your Own Mod-Podge Word Art 

The word art I picked was faith. Sometimes it’s important to trust that all will be revealed in time, and to have faith and trust in this moment.

You can pick any word you want!

What You’ll need (You can get all these supplies at Hobby Lobby)

  1. Mod-podge
  2. Cardboard word art
  3. A stack of magazines

Cut out your favorite pictures, words, and patterns from the magazines and glue them down onto the cardboard word art with the mod-podge. Once you have covered your cardboard word with tons of inspiring and colorful images you can then brush on a layer of modge-podge over your finished creation. VOILA! You have something beautiful that you can hang up to inspire you on the daily.

Best of Love!


Book Review: Learn How to Job Search with Social Media

Book Title: “Job Searching with Social Media for DUMMIES” by Social Media Strategist, Joshua Waldman

“Get a Job, Get a Job, Get a Job…”

If I’m lucky enough I might be able to turn this into a can-can dance!

But, before I start signing up for can-can classes, I need to show you what I’ve been learning. So, as many of you know, I am in the process of finishing up my Masters AND looking for full-time employment, simultaneously. What I’ve learned is that applying to the job boards is not enough. We need to do what we did in the last article, Beating the Job Search Doldrums (and other Career Busters), plus use SOCIAL MEDIA!

I’ve been reading this valuable handbook by Social Media Strategist, Joshua Waldman called, “Job Searching with Social Media for DUMMIES.

I was a bit hesitant at first to pick it up at the book store, it was between this book and The Great Gatsby, but despite my fear of looking like a technology illiterate dummy to the cashier who checked me out, it was a perfect decision. It’s never comfortable to show off that you don’t know something, but it’s necessary in the growth and learning process. I learned more about social media in a couple of pages in this book, then I ever would have learned just messing around on all the social networks. In fact, it’s better that I learned all the what not to-dos and precautions for social media, before I created an oops that I can’t go back on.

You tend to hear horror stories about hiring managers declining on a potential candidate due to the image they portray on their social networks. Apparently, it’s not the obvious drunk Spring Break Photos that always throw you in the decline pile. Did you know that too many specialties in the specialties section of your LinkedIn profile can be a turn-off? And, that you don’t want to list more than ten? Or that taking out a facebook ad to promote your job search can err on the side of brash and sales-y?

While there are plenty of valuable warnings, there are tons of great recommendations as well!

You can search for fresh,newly posted jobs on twitter via this process:

  1. Visit www.search.twitter.com.
  2. Click on the Advanced Search below the search box
  3. Enter “Hiring” or “Jobs” in the first field in the word section
  4. Enter your zip code in the Places section and choose your radius in miles.

And, there you go! You are one foot into your next job.

BEST TIP: The best practice for connecting with a hiring manager on LinkedIn…well, you’ll have to read the book for that.

Get a grasp on your social media presence and start job searching with social media!


How to Find Adventure outside of your Comfort Zone

I don’t know if I like drunk Australian Men.

Why you might ask? Let me set the scene for you.

A group of my friends and I were in an irish pub in San Diego at the end of our road trip, celebrating our last hurrah–or whatever kids do these days– and sipping on fruity cocktails.

This group of Australian dudes who we thought would be interesting, came up to us and started chatting. In-between the long stares and the slurring, I came to realize that they were really drunk. And, their accent slurred into their words creating monstrous sentences that I’m sure do not exist in reality. I think they wanted to kiss my friend, but I wasn’t sure because they kept on giving her the stink eye.

It all seemed so contrite. Like, it was going to follow the same pattern over and over again. Go to a bar with your girls, talk to some guys, and have really awkward conversations, go home and talk about how one of them liked Sally, but not Becky. Becky is crying in a corner about her failed love life. It’s just not my cup of tea. I wanted to remember San Diego as a cool and fun place, which it truly is! So I looked around the pub, I saw an old guy with a snarky grin, a band playing, and some random people in groups. I was starting to think that this night was a no-go, when I noticed two guys in a corner. This is what clued me in, to the idea that they might be fun. First off, I noticed that they were laughing. Which is always a good thing, at least I know they have the ability to laugh. Secondly, they were drinking hipster beers. Hipsters think everything is ironic. I notice a lot of ironic things in life.  I couldn’t help but wonder what my night would end up like if I got the courage to go up to them. Would we laugh about ironic things together?

Thank God, for the feminist movement! I would have spent the whole night just sighing and thinking about it, if it weren’t for those smart broads. Thank you for teaching me that I’m a strong female and I can start a conversation!

Truth be told, my strong will, has gotten me into some awkward situations in the past, but I’ve come to discover that my best memories were when I went beyond my comfort zone and did something ballsy!

As, I left my group of friends and the awkward Australians, I started feeling a sense of accomplishment. I am leaving the pack and embarking on an adventure. I am doing what many heroes in epic tales have done before reaching greatness.

I can talk to cute strangers all by myself!

Now, I didn’t actually stop myself in the middle of pub and say that out loud–that would be weird, and also quite insane. But, I felt it!  That night was the best memory of the entire road trip. I made two new friends named Danny and Collin. In fact, we became besties for life! If I had some emergency lanyard in my pocketbook, I would have made friendship bracelets for all of us. We talked about everything from Mad Men, to singing in a band, and eventually discussing riding purple bicycles into the San Diego sunset. What more can you ask for?

Ok, what I am trying to explain amongst all this glittery detail, is that sometimes you have to just get out there and do something that scares you to your core. If I didn’t leave my group at the bar, I would have had a boring night listening to drunk Australians blubber about nothing (No offense to drunk Australians!). Instead, I had a hilarious night of joking and laughing with complete strangers that became my friends overnight. They lead us to an amazing pizza place later that evening, purple bicycles and all.

Hey, sometimes adventure will come to you, but 9 times out of 10 you will have to find it yourself. So here is a quick guide to finding adventure out in the wide open world.

  1. Separate yourself from the pack! If I went over with my large group of friends, it would have been a completely different situation. There’s a certain vulnerability and openness when you have an experience by yourself, or with a small group. It forces you to be in the moment and out in the open, because you can’t hide behind your loud friend. Also as a little side note, if you choose talking to random strangers as an adventure–at least to my knowledge–guys are incredibly scared of women in packs. It’s like a horde of zombies are coming to attack them. They aim for the head with a couple of witty one-liners, and then run when the angry girl in the group shoots them down. Not a fun scenario.
  2. If you really can’t go outside by yourself without a buddy then use the buddy system! Actually, always use the buddy system. Even if they are in the corner peeping at you through a newspaper with Jackie O sunglasses, you have a witness just on the off-chance that you get kidnapped in your search for adventure. Hey, at least you are having an adventure, right?
  3. If it scares you and you know you will not die or suffer bodily injury from it–then do it!When we were in Texas on the road trip, we went to a rodeo and fell in love with the cowboys in the show. Like geeky fan girls, we wanted to get their autographs. We never got a chance to at the rodeo, but we did end up seeing them at the country bar in the next town over that night (I know, what are the chances!). We knew we needed to muster up the courage to talk to them. So we did. We got to have some drinks with them and crack jokes about PETA. They even offered to bring us back stage at the rodeo, and you know what we did, we said, “YES! ” It was so cool! We got to ride along in their tractor-trailer they drove to the bar, and hang out with the animals in the back of the rodeo, I even got chiropractic care from a Cowboy studying how to be a chiropractor for farm animals! Actually, nothing about what we did was safe, we all could have died…but we didn’t.  You have to just go with where the moment takes you. (And, my back felt great!)

There’s a quote that I want to leave you with before I depart to Dunkin Donuts (by myself!) to get coffee.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 

I pray that you choose to live a life that will make your future grand-children jealous of how cool their grand-mammy/ grand-pappy was. We are only guaranteed this one life here on earth. Jesus might say, “No, you are not going back to earth you are going to chill with me for eternity.” At least, have some cool stories to share with him. Even though, his will probably always trump yours. He did turn water into wine at a party, you know.

Best of Love!


BOOK REVIEW: Angels of Mercy by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Angels of Mercy was my first experience with a spiritual angel book (besides the bible!). It’s actually quite funny how this book came into my life. I was about 10 or 11 years old when my mom brought it home from work and added it to my book collection. My mom works still to this day at a nursing home in Connecticut. So whenever someone passes away and leaves books, furniture, or other belongings that their families don’t want, it gets auctioned off within the nursing home. I used to read Dear America and tons of historical diary books as a girl so when she brought this book home, I was interested in it, but I wasn’t ready for it.

It seems that all the books within my little library at home are there for a reason and a season. I got this book at a young age so that I will have it when I was ready to read it at the right time. I read the whole book from front to back around my freshman year of college. My mind was blown! If you like the History Channel’s take on Angels in their documentaries then you might like this book. It was filled with a wealth spring of information and poetic encounters with heavenly beings from God. It’s definitely a book to read for those who are questioning their faith or need a bit more guidance in their lives. It’s an inspiring collection of real life experiences with Angels and a detailed description of heaven and the spiritual realm. It kind of reminded me of a more adult and free-thinking version of, Heaven is For Real. The whole experience of Angels of Mercy is likened to a philosophical discussion amongst friends and peers. It’s warm, engaging, and you are definitely going to learn something new!

Who I would recommend it for: I would recommend it for people who are interested in angels and the spiritual realm. Also, people who love real-life experience stories and recollections. The content and vocabulary is very dense and hard to grasp for younger readers. So definitely a book for the older crowd!


BOOK REVIEW: Women Will Save the World by Caroline Shearer

The first step to bringing feminine light to the world is by reading this book.

Have you ever seen a collection of really good TED Talks? You know the kind where it makes you stop and evaluate your whole life? Well, this is kind of the print version of that. There are countless women in this book giving their very own heartwarming, endearing, and thought-provoking messages. This is not an anti-men or pro-feminist book, but is merely a call to action to enjoy the beauty of the feminine. The feminine energy is a light unto the world. I feel as if I’ve embarked on a sacred spiritual journey through the sacred feminine and have found inspiration in my own life through reading this book. I cannot help but feel that I have been changed, for the better. I am not the same person that I was when I first started the book. I have been so inspired by the stories and lives of the women represented in this book, that I want to fashion my life into one of equal majesty. What is so surreal to imagine, is how easily the stories of these women can be our own stories. Many of them were not born into privilege or had an easy road to their success. The stories represented in this book are the collective conciousness of the female experience. I would definitely recommend this book as a wonderful gift for those who are trying to figure out where they fit in this big and expansive world.

Who I would recommend this toWomen! Young, Old, Poor, Rich, there is a story and a lesson for all ages. It makes a great mothers day gift or a great birthday present.7


Why Finding Your Soulmate is a Necessity

“I found the love of my life!”

How many times have you heard this? Not much? Ok, well how about this one: “He/she just isn’t right for me. It didn’t work out.” In my experience, I hear the latter far more often than I’d like to. Granted, finding someone whom you like who also likes you is a tricky business. But there is a way to make it manageable.

First, it’s important to understand two fundamental truths.

1. You are going to die.
2. Love exists.

With these two extremely potent facts about existence, you can dramatically alter your life and take control over yours.

Let’s tackle death first. Here’s a simple way to check your average lifespan given statistically analyzed factors by UPenn’s Wharton School of Business: (http://gosset.wharton.upenn.edu/mortality/perl/CalcForm.html).

Let’s say for now that you, like me, have around 80 years on this planet to live. And if you’re old enough to be reading this, you have about 2 billion heartbeats in you to put to use. So – what are you going to do with them?

Here’s where love comes in.

There’s a beautiful truth about life. About your life, actually.

At this very heartbeat, – someone alive, someone on this planet IS best for you. Guaranteed.

I’ll clarify. There is a person at this precise moment who exists, who can make you more happy in your years alive than any other person. He/she exists. Let’s do a simple experiment to prove this point: lets say there are only ten people left on Earth, and you’re stuck in a room with them for an hour. In this situation, it’s easy to grasp the idea that there is technically “one” person in this room who is best for you, meaning can make you happiest and split his/her genes with you successfully, in the span of that 1 hour.

Yes, for the first 10 minutes, maybe one person can make you happiest, and for the last 20 minutes someone else. But when looking at it from a satellite- eye view, there is only one person who can cause the most overall happiness.

Now, in this example, it could very well seem smart to optimize and get 10 minutes here with one person, 20 minutes there with another, to get the most possible happiness from as many people as possible at different moments based on that instant of judgment… especially since there wouldn’t be much time to take control and make a plan on how to find the best person for you.But let’s step back to real life. Take this thought experiment and extrapolate to a bigger room (the planet) and a longer time period (80 years). Logistically, you could do the 10 minute-20 minute scenario, which translates to dating here and dating there. But most people fail to realize the problem with this model – the law of marginal utility. People don’t want to be dating at 60 years old. You can’t have kids past a certain age. And if you have kids with several people without being a part of the child’s life, not only do you have less impact on that child’s development and hence contribute to a lower fidelity model (a child less like you… and hence getting further from your genetic line of influence), but if taken to its limit, you’ll have tons of kids around the world who you’ll have to vicariously support without being a part of their lives most definitely not contributing to your happiness or success.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Consider the room again. If you spent the first 10 minutes remembering all the things you really like about people (similar values such as honesty because denying reality results in pain, intelligence because understanding reality promotes evolutionary success and happiness, angry eyebrows because they’re sexy) and then spent the next 10 minutes searching the room, you would’ve had a much better shot at having 40 minutes of pure bliss.

We can do the math, but in essence, even just those 40 minutes result in a far greater payday than abbreviated, transient interactions with a large quantity of people.

Of course, there is some ratio: if you spent 55 minutes thinking about what you like, 4 minutes searching, and 1 minute with the best of the 10, it probably wouldn’t beat 10 minutes with six different people. So in real life, what is the threshold? Well, if you want to have kids – ladies,you know the age past which giving birth becomes complicated. Guys and girls, you know the age past which you don’t want to be alone without anyone to share your life with (and if you don’t, it’ll kick in anyway… the goal is to find the right person at the peak of your search and ability to share values independently so as to not lower your standards from loneliness.

You can’t search for a 5-star Mexican restaurant while getting used to eating Taco Bell everyday, but if you don’t eat for days searching for the epic restaurant, you starve and become willing to eat anything. Find the balance)

Think. Let’s do some math. Say I spend two nights a week meeting women. 15 women per night, 30 women per week. Approximately 50 weeks in the year, we’ve got 1500 women per year. Over the next 10 years, 15,000 women. There are approximately 3.5 BILLION women on this planet. Yes, excluding certain age ranges and a few other criterion there is a more select group.

But it’s sizeable. Do you want a biological clock to start ticking and determine who you get to talk to, sleep with and SHARE HALF YOUR GENES WITH FOR BABIES for the rest of your life? Out of a subset pool of 15,000? Just choose the nicest person? The hottest one? What is the chance that the best person for you is at THAT bar on THAT night and you have THAT conversation? Take control of your destiny, and if anything… do it for the kids.

Many times people voice the vacuous claim, “if you can’t account for all the variables, why account for any at all” or in simpler terms, since you can’t know everything why know anything at all? It’s hard to find the “One”. I know. We can’t yet account for every variable and there are factors outside of our control.

But why do we not carry an umbrella outside when it’s sunny? Because we look at the evidence of reality, understand weather patterns and integrate the information, and then act deterministically on inductions from laws abstracted from our original deductions. Yes, sometimes it’s sunny and we end up carrying an umbrella anyway, we get it wrong sometimes. But does that mean we never check the weather channel? Are we to carryumbrellas in clear blue skies in case we’re wrong and suddenly lightning might strike us? No.

The more you understand what experiences caused you happiness and why, the closer you get to finding your love. She likes science? Then chances are that she won’t be at church on a Sunday but might be at the library or under the stars in the field nearby. And if this is what it comes down to, it’s a lot better to take those “10 reflection minutes” and “10 hunting minutes” to get your “40 bliss minutes” or maybe even “40 really good minutes than 60 mediocre minutes” and get as close as possible to the upper limit of your One, than it is to compromise and spread/lower your standard to be met by sheer quantity to mitigate loneliness in brief moments of escape only to wake up one day, if not everyday, wondering where all the heartbeats went.

Now that you KNOW your love is out there, the question becomes, how badly do you want him/her? Given the alternative, short-momentary bursts of pleasure and temporary escape from loneliness, the decision becomes clear. But yes, this quest comes with consequences. It is hard at the top, and it takes focus, dedication and a very deep belief not only in the utility of the love of your life, but also in your ability to find him/her. Fortunately, it becomes the easiest thing to do when you realize what’s at stake, and what’s in store for you. One life, one love. Make it happen.

Do whatever it takes to hit the spot for you. I believe in your story because I believe in love.

Listen to Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. Watch Disney, Bollywood movies and romantic comedies. Read about Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Talk to me. And perhaps most importantly, keep your eyes open, keep looking, stay strong, and find the love of your life so that you too can profess in complete and absolute joy ––

“I found the love of my life!”


Oprah Winfrey’s 2008 Stanford Commencement Address

Every obstacle in our lives is a lesson that we need to learn from instead of resist. Oprah makes some wonderful points about learning from these lessons. When life throws you a curveball instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?” take a moment to ask yourself, “What is this here to teach me?”

I’ve personally have been on a journey of the soul since this past summer, and now I am coming full circle to a new beginning. I’ve driven across the United States from East to West. I’ve put my feet in the pacific ocean in San Diego, became  friends with some yo-yo loving hipsters in New Orleans, witnessed the death of a 23 year marriage, gained a half-sibling, lost a close family member to meningitis, and will be a published writer on April 23, 2013 (lawofattractionmag.com). All within the span of a year. I’m 22 years young and I’ve had the whirwind of a lifetime this past year. There are many who would have locked themselves in their bedroom and cried over loved ones lost and families broken, and I did allow myself to have that experience, but dwelling on the negative would have been a great disservice to the positive that has entered my life. I am blessed to know who my true friends are, and to have a loving and supportive extended family that has dreams and aspirations as big as my own.

Heaven is a place of peace, joy, and love. Earth was never meant to be Heaven…it was meant to be Earth. Just like you would never change a friend for being who they are, you can’t yell at this Earthly lifetime for being what it was meant to be…a learning ground. Our lifetime on Earth is here to teach us lessons and to help us appreciate peace, to help us appreciate joy, and to help us appreciate love. We appreciate the things we work for, more than the things we receive easily.

I feel the pain for so many college students who are looking at their massive amounts of student loan debts and receiving e-mail upon e-mail from job seekers saying, “You are not the one we are looking for.” We invested into a system that told us that a degree will equal a job, and now we are in a space that contradicts that earlier statement. To say I don’t have anxiety over the fear of not being able to pay back my student loans is an understatement–I am trembling with great fear and horror over it!

However, I also can step back and take a moment to re-evaluate. If I asked the question, “Why is this happening to me?” my answer would be an unknown and I would still be living in fear, anxiety, and stress over my “bad karma.”

BUT….If I take a moment and pose the question, “What is this here to teach me?” I can sit down and be still for a moment and really allow myself to think. I’m not sure exactly what the job search and and loan repayment dillemma is here to teach myself or our nation, but I can make an educated assumption. “What is for us will not pass us.”-unknown

Maybe, the jobs we have been applying to aren’t meant for our lives. Maybe we must keep searching for our right fit. “The One” “Mr. Right-Career” “Soul’s Purpose”

There are three truths to this world: Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a soulmate. Everyone has a place where they belong.

You can either live your life with these truths or you can settle just before you claimed these truths in your own life.

If it makes your heart sing, it is for you. If it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant for you. What is for us will not pass us.

My heart is starting to warm up before its great song and I know that something wonderful and for me is coming along–for both my career and love life.

I enjoy counseling, learning, marketing, advertising, writing, and being creative and profound. My heart truly sings when I can accomplish the vibration and action of these words that have been laid before me. My soul’s purpose lies with living a career and life that supports the actions I enjoy.

Take a moment to write down words, activities, and actions that make your heart sing. Find the purpose, soulmate, and environment that lets you live it.

Best of Love!

Favorite Oprah Quote form the 2008 Stanford Commencement Address:

“Forget about the fast lane, if you really want to fly just harness your power to your passion, honor your calling everybody has one, trust your heart, and success will come to you.”-Oprah Winfrey