Angels of Mercy was my first experience with a spiritual angel book (besides the bible!). It’s actually quite funny how this book came into my life. I was about 10 or 11 years old when my mom brought it home from work and added it to my book collection. My mom works still to this day at a nursing home in Connecticut. So whenever someone passes away and leaves books, furniture, or other belongings that their families don’t want, it gets auctioned off within the nursing home. I used to read Dear America and tons of historical diary books as a girl so when she brought this book home, I was interested in it, but I wasn’t ready for it.

It seems that all the books within my little library at home are there for a reason and a season. I got this book at a young age so that I will have it when I was ready to read it at the right time. I read the whole book from front to back around my freshman year of college. My mind was blown! If you like the History Channel’s take on Angels in their documentaries then you might like this book. It was filled with a wealth spring of information and poetic encounters with heavenly beings from God. It’s definitely a book to read for those who are questioning their faith or need a bit more guidance in their lives. It’s an inspiring collection of real life experiences with Angels and a detailed description of heaven and the spiritual realm. It kind of reminded me of a more adult and free-thinking version of, Heaven is For Real. The whole experience of Angels of Mercy is likened to a philosophical discussion amongst friends and peers. It’s warm, engaging, and you are definitely going to learn something new!

Who I would recommend it for: I would recommend it for people who are interested in angels and the spiritual realm. Also, people who love real-life experience stories and recollections. The content and vocabulary is very dense and hard to grasp for younger readers. So definitely a book for the older crowd!