Book Title: “Job Searching with Social Media for DUMMIES” by Social Media Strategist, Joshua Waldman

“Get a Job, Get a Job, Get a Job…”

If I’m lucky enough I might be able to turn this into a can-can dance!

But, before I start signing up for can-can classes, I need to show you what I’ve been learning. So, as many of you know, I am in the process of finishing up my Masters AND looking for full-time employment, simultaneously. What I’ve learned is that applying to the job boards is not enough. We need to do what we did in the last article, Beating the Job Search Doldrums (and other Career Busters), plus use SOCIAL MEDIA!

I’ve been reading this valuable handbook by Social Media Strategist, Joshua Waldman called, “Job Searching with Social Media for DUMMIES.

I was a bit hesitant at first to pick it up at the book store, it was between this book and The Great Gatsby, but despite my fear of looking like a technology illiterate dummy to the cashier who checked me out, it was a perfect decision. It’s never comfortable to show off that you don’t know something, but it’s necessary in the growth and learning process. I learned more about social media in a couple of pages in this book, then I ever would have learned just messing around on all the social networks. In fact, it’s better that I learned all the what not to-dos and precautions for social media, before I created an oops that I can’t go back on.

You tend to hear horror stories about hiring managers declining on a potential candidate due to the image they portray on their social networks. Apparently, it’s not the obvious drunk Spring Break Photos that always throw you in the decline pile. Did you know that too many specialties in the specialties section of your LinkedIn profile can be a turn-off? And, that you don’t want to list more than ten? Or that taking out a facebook ad to promote your job search can err on the side of brash and sales-y?

While there are plenty of valuable warnings, there are tons of great recommendations as well!

You can search for fresh,newly posted jobs on twitter via this process:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Advanced Search below the search box
  3. Enter “Hiring” or “Jobs” in the first field in the word section
  4. Enter your zip code in the Places section and choose your radius in miles.

And, there you go! You are one foot into your next job.

BEST TIP: The best practice for connecting with a hiring manager on LinkedIn…well, you’ll have to read the book for that.

Get a grasp on your social media presence and start job searching with social media!