Package I received this evening!
So while I’m reading, “Women Will Save The World” by Caroline Shearer for my internship, (Excellent book by the way I feel as if I’m on a spiritual journey learning about majestic women through the ages!) I get a little facebook message from my friend asking if I picked up the package from the front desk.I wasn’t expecting any package today. Especially, not past midnight.So I go down to the front desk and go up to the night shift guy and ask him if I received a package…and I did.
I start to open it as I’m walking back to my apartment and lo-and-behold its a cd series on how to manifest financial abundance in your life! There’s a little pamphlet inside that reads: “You are either a) attracting wealth, or b) pushing wealth away THERE IS NO OPTION C.”

Besides, being kind of startled by the intense use of CAPS LOCKS, I was more startled and literally had chills running up my spine by the coincidence and serendipity of the moment. Before, I opened that package, a couple of hours prior I had a conversation with my friend, Brittany about financial abundance and prosperity.  Crazy, huh?So I’m sitting down for a moment looking at the CD series and reading the back cover of the case, when it really hits me: This was not a coincidence. Let me start from the beginning of this week, just to explain my deductions. So on Monday, I pull my car up to the front of the building and start unloading some freshly cleaned clothes into one of my building’s carriages to bring up to my apartment. I had just did my laundry (I’ll be blunt, if my laundry bag was a child, DCF would have been involved). So after loading A LOT of clean clothes I walk past my good maintenance worker friend a.k.a Floppy Haired Dude and my friend, Bob who works front desk during the day. We start joking and Floppy Haired dude asks me if I have any Goldfish crackers (He’s the guy who I usually give a bowl of Goldfish crackers to whenever he fixes stuff in our apartment, check out this blog post for more details.) I tell him no that I didn’t have any at the current moment.

So I go outside to close my trunk, and when I walk back into the building Floppy Haired dude is holding something behind his back, he walks up to me and hands me two small bags of Goldfish crackers! He told me that because I am always giving him goldfish, he wanted to give some back. I almost cried right then and there. I wasn’t sure how to respond, but I felt completely humbled to have been a recipient of such a thoughtful gift. So I thank him profusely and out of shear joy, I end up finishing both snack bags in one sitting. Goldfish +Self-control=GONE!

So that was the beginning of this week, let me explain today. So today I dropped off my brother at home in New Haven and hung out with my best friend, Brittany. We were window shopping at TJ Maxx and I spot this really cute pair of nude and gold heels for my friend. She tries them on, loves them, and then I try on these really cute nude BCBG heels. They fit JUST right! We both are laughing in the heels walking around in TJ Maxx in the shoe department when she asks me if I’m going to buy the heels I was wearing. I take them off and look at them and tell her that I’m going to hold off on them. She looks at me grabs them and says,” Well I’m buying them for you for your birthday, it’s an early birthday present (mind you my birthday isn’t for another two months!).” She then goes to say that they would go great with the business skirt she was going to give me.

She said she was looking through her closet the other day and noticed some items that still had their tag on them, that she had never wore and were a size or two too big for her now. Brittany and I used to be the same size until she dropped down to a size 3–I am no size 3!

What’s crazy about all this, is that the day before I was looking through my closet wishing I had more business appropriate clothes and shoes. Now I know some would say, well she’s your friend, and friends give each other stuff. Which is true we do give each other stuff. In fact,  Brittany is one of the most altruistic and giving people I know, but what I am trying to say is that the very exact thing I desired yesterday (in detail) came true. I’ve been looking for business appropriate nude pointed heels for quite some time.