I don’t know if I like drunk Australian Men.

Why you might ask? Let me set the scene for you.

A group of my friends and I were in an irish pub in San Diego at the end of our road trip, celebrating our last hurrah–or whatever kids do these days– and sipping on fruity cocktails.

This group of Australian dudes who we thought would be interesting, came up to us and started chatting. In-between the long stares and the slurring, I came to realize that they were really drunk. And, their accent slurred into their words creating monstrous sentences that I’m sure do not exist in reality. I think they wanted to kiss my friend, but I wasn’t sure because they kept on giving her the stink eye.

It all seemed so contrite. Like, it was going to follow the same pattern over and over again. Go to a bar with your girls, talk to some guys, and have really awkward conversations, go home and talk about how one of them liked Sally, but not Becky. Becky is crying in a corner about her failed love life. It’s just not my cup of tea. I wanted to remember San Diego as a cool and fun place, which it truly is! So I looked around the pub, I saw an old guy with a snarky grin, a band playing, and some random people in groups. I was starting to think that this night was a no-go, when I noticed two guys in a corner. This is what clued me in, to the idea that they might be fun. First off, I noticed that they were laughing. Which is always a good thing, at least I know they have the ability to laugh. Secondly, they were drinking hipster beers. Hipsters think everything is ironic. I notice a lot of ironic things in life.  I couldn’t help but wonder what my night would end up like if I got the courage to go up to them. Would we laugh about ironic things together?

Thank God, for the feminist movement! I would have spent the whole night just sighing and thinking about it, if it weren’t for those smart broads. Thank you for teaching me that I’m a strong female and I can start a conversation!

Truth be told, my strong will, has gotten me into some awkward situations in the past, but I’ve come to discover that my best memories were when I went beyond my comfort zone and did something ballsy!

As, I left my group of friends and the awkward Australians, I started feeling a sense of accomplishment. I am leaving the pack and embarking on an adventure. I am doing what many heroes in epic tales have done before reaching greatness.

I can talk to cute strangers all by myself!

Now, I didn’t actually stop myself in the middle of pub and say that out loud–that would be weird, and also quite insane. But, I felt it!  That night was the best memory of the entire road trip. I made two new friends named Danny and Collin. In fact, we became besties for life! If I had some emergency lanyard in my pocketbook, I would have made friendship bracelets for all of us. We talked about everything from Mad Men, to singing in a band, and eventually discussing riding purple bicycles into the San Diego sunset. What more can you ask for?

Ok, what I am trying to explain amongst all this glittery detail, is that sometimes you have to just get out there and do something that scares you to your core. If I didn’t leave my group at the bar, I would have had a boring night listening to drunk Australians blubber about nothing (No offense to drunk Australians!). Instead, I had a hilarious night of joking and laughing with complete strangers that became my friends overnight. They lead us to an amazing pizza place later that evening, purple bicycles and all.

Hey, sometimes adventure will come to you, but 9 times out of 10 you will have to find it yourself. So here is a quick guide to finding adventure out in the wide open world.

  1. Separate yourself from the pack! If I went over with my large group of friends, it would have been a completely different situation. There’s a certain vulnerability and openness when you have an experience by yourself, or with a small group. It forces you to be in the moment and out in the open, because you can’t hide behind your loud friend. Also as a little side note, if you choose talking to random strangers as an adventure–at least to my knowledge–guys are incredibly scared of women in packs. It’s like a horde of zombies are coming to attack them. They aim for the head with a couple of witty one-liners, and then run when the angry girl in the group shoots them down. Not a fun scenario.
  2. If you really can’t go outside by yourself without a buddy then use the buddy system! Actually, always use the buddy system. Even if they are in the corner peeping at you through a newspaper with Jackie O sunglasses, you have a witness just on the off-chance that you get kidnapped in your search for adventure. Hey, at least you are having an adventure, right?
  3. If it scares you and you know you will not die or suffer bodily injury from it–then do it!When we were in Texas on the road trip, we went to a rodeo and fell in love with the cowboys in the show. Like geeky fan girls, we wanted to get their autographs. We never got a chance to at the rodeo, but we did end up seeing them at the country bar in the next town over that night (I know, what are the chances!). We knew we needed to muster up the courage to talk to them. So we did. We got to have some drinks with them and crack jokes about PETA. They even offered to bring us back stage at the rodeo, and you know what we did, we said, “YES! ” It was so cool! We got to ride along in their tractor-trailer they drove to the bar, and hang out with the animals in the back of the rodeo, I even got chiropractic care from a Cowboy studying how to be a chiropractor for farm animals! Actually, nothing about what we did was safe, we all could have died…but we didn’t.  You have to just go with where the moment takes you. (And, my back felt great!)

There’s a quote that I want to leave you with before I depart to Dunkin Donuts (by myself!) to get coffee.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 

I pray that you choose to live a life that will make your future grand-children jealous of how cool their grand-mammy/ grand-pappy was. We are only guaranteed this one life here on earth. Jesus might say, “No, you are not going back to earth you are going to chill with me for eternity.” At least, have some cool stories to share with him. Even though, his will probably always trump yours. He did turn water into wine at a party, you know.

Best of Love!