So I was online trying to find a way to make some cash while I’m in-between jobs, and I found this site called Fiverr. Pretty much you offer a service that you would do for 5 dollars. Simple enough, right?

So being someone who always finds even the small stuff as an opportunity, I decided to create my very own “gig” on Fiverr. In my gig, I wrote that I would enhance someone’s Internet dating profile for 5 dollars. Check it out:

I remember when I first started online dating as a freshman in college, I used to edit random people’s profiles or give unsolicited advice on how they could improve their site to get “the ladies” or “the fellas.” It was a lot of fun being that bossy! I truly enjoy editing something that is okay, and turning it into something magnificent. It’s kind of a strange vice of mine!

Anyways, I really am hoping I can get some offers with this. Just another thing I can add to my résumé: matchmaker and online dating consultant!

In the meantime, I thought it would be poignant to help those who really need it, and are lacking the 5 dollars with a few free tips. Finding love is possible for anyone. It doesn’t matter what shape, race, gender, or creed you are, there is always someone out there that vibes with what you are showing off. The one bit of advice I will give in speeding up the process, is to show off your best self.

  1. Speak in the Positive, Not the Negative: Have you ever noticed that A LOT of on-line dating profiles ask for what they don’t want, rather than what they do want? There is always someone mentioning that they don’t want cheaters, liars, or people who play games. You know what you are asking for? Cheaters, liars, and people who play games. Those who will treat you properly will think that you are still harboring some ill-will and negativity towards your past (another bit of advice, NOBODY finds negative people attractive), and those who will be glad to disrespect you will think you are an easy fool! If they can be fooled once, they can be fooled again. So instead of saying, “I don’t want a guy/girl who plays games,” why don’t you turn it into a postive and say, “I would love the opportunity to meet someone who values monogamy and treats others with kindness.” More Examples:“I can’t stand liars.” > “Honesty, is something that I find very attractive in a partner.”“No broke dudes/chicks.”>“I take great care of my finances, and I am looking for someone who shares that quality.” 
  2. Stop it with the Mirror and Myspace pictures already!: This is not the early 2000s, this is 2013! I think as a community we need to all agree to let go of the mirror pics with “fake abs” and the cell-phone shots with the “duck faces.” It is a great disservice to our nation and it ages us. It makes you look like a pre-teen instead of an adult! So unless, you are looking for a fellow “duck face” or a fellow “fake abber”, get up the courage to get a nice photo of yourself. Take a picture outside. Do you see green grass outside? Go to it right now, and ask your best friend, neighbor, or even a complete stranger to take a picture of you. The best times to take an outside picture would be around sunrise or sunset, you get natural soft lighting, which will make you look super gorgeous by the way. Think soft romantic lighting, and the romance in your life will really amp up. Don’t forget to smile!  More examples:Take a picture of yourself doing a hobby that you love.Do you have some great candid photos of you from your best friends wedding? Post them!At least post one photo of you where you are being either goofy or silly. It shows that you are approachable and down-to-earth.
  3. Turn Your Facts into a Story, Don’t let Your Facts be the Story: “I’m 5ft, I have brown hair, brown eyes. I’m working on school. I’m funny, nice, and I enjoy going to the movies .” Well, that’s nice, you and everyone else. It’s hard to think of how to describe yourself in an authentic way when you are on a dating site. The words you choose can highlight your awesome personality, or can make you seem like a boring dud. There’s this tool, however, that I learned in a creative writing course in high school: show don’t tell. Anyone can say they are funny. However, not just anyone can prove it. This is how you decipher between those who are really funny and ingeneous and those who just think they are. So instead of saying, “I’m funny” you could say, “On a typical friday night, I am faking a british accent at a party with my friends, or finding nemo, or defying gravity.” Everyone’s sense of humor is different. Saying your funny is too general of a term. So show off what YOU think is funny, and let those who vibe with it message you. Show off your creativity and vernacular!

So I would add more tips, BUT I really need $5 dollars for gas (have you seen the price of gas, lately?) so if you would like me to help you find true love and to highlight your best self on your online dating site then feel free to buy my service!