Every obstacle in our lives is a lesson that we need to learn from instead of resist. Oprah makes some wonderful points about learning from these lessons. When life throws you a curveball instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?” take a moment to ask yourself, “What is this here to teach me?”

I’ve personally have been on a journey of the soul since this past summer, and now I am coming full circle to a new beginning. I’ve driven across the United States from East to West. I’ve put my feet in the pacific ocean in San Diego, became  friends with some yo-yo loving hipsters in New Orleans, witnessed the death of a 23 year marriage, gained a half-sibling, lost a close family member to meningitis, and will be a published writer on April 23, 2013 (lawofattractionmag.com). All within the span of a year. I’m 22 years young and I’ve had the whirwind of a lifetime this past year. There are many who would have locked themselves in their bedroom and cried over loved ones lost and families broken, and I did allow myself to have that experience, but dwelling on the negative would have been a great disservice to the positive that has entered my life. I am blessed to know who my true friends are, and to have a loving and supportive extended family that has dreams and aspirations as big as my own.

Heaven is a place of peace, joy, and love. Earth was never meant to be Heaven…it was meant to be Earth. Just like you would never change a friend for being who they are, you can’t yell at this Earthly lifetime for being what it was meant to be…a learning ground. Our lifetime on Earth is here to teach us lessons and to help us appreciate peace, to help us appreciate joy, and to help us appreciate love. We appreciate the things we work for, more than the things we receive easily.

I feel the pain for so many college students who are looking at their massive amounts of student loan debts and receiving e-mail upon e-mail from job seekers saying, “You are not the one we are looking for.” We invested into a system that told us that a degree will equal a job, and now we are in a space that contradicts that earlier statement. To say I don’t have anxiety over the fear of not being able to pay back my student loans is an understatement–I am trembling with great fear and horror over it!

However, I also can step back and take a moment to re-evaluate. If I asked the question, “Why is this happening to me?” my answer would be an unknown and I would still be living in fear, anxiety, and stress over my “bad karma.”

BUT….If I take a moment and pose the question, “What is this here to teach me?” I can sit down and be still for a moment and really allow myself to think. I’m not sure exactly what the job search and and loan repayment dillemma is here to teach myself or our nation, but I can make an educated assumption. “What is for us will not pass us.”-unknown

Maybe, the jobs we have been applying to aren’t meant for our lives. Maybe we must keep searching for our right fit. “The One” “Mr. Right-Career” “Soul’s Purpose”

There are three truths to this world: Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a soulmate. Everyone has a place where they belong.

You can either live your life with these truths or you can settle just before you claimed these truths in your own life.

If it makes your heart sing, it is for you. If it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant for you. What is for us will not pass us.

My heart is starting to warm up before its great song and I know that something wonderful and for me is coming along–for both my career and love life.

I enjoy counseling, learning, marketing, advertising, writing, and being creative and profound. My heart truly sings when I can accomplish the vibration and action of these words that have been laid before me. My soul’s purpose lies with living a career and life that supports the actions I enjoy.

Take a moment to write down words, activities, and actions that make your heart sing. Find the purpose, soulmate, and environment that lets you live it.

Best of Love!

Favorite Oprah Quote form the 2008 Stanford Commencement Address:

“Forget about the fast lane, if you really want to fly just harness your power to your passion, honor your calling everybody has one, trust your heart, and success will come to you.”-Oprah Winfrey