It has been on newsstands since April 23rd, and with all the running around and frolicking in complete and utter joy, I can finally step back for a moment and tell you guys what I am thinking.

I still can’t believe that I am a published writer. 


It’s amazing where a little perseverance and stubbornness can bring you. This all started when I first read the Law of Attraction magazine back in December. I told myself, back then, that some way or how I was going to be a part of this magazine. To get to a goal, you have to lay out mini-goals to achieve it. The steps I took back in December have led me to this moment in April.

So if you are looking to become a published writer, get the career of your life, or even just to get something you’ve never had before. Take a look at the steps I took and apply it to your own life. A little perseverance and stubbornness can bring you a long way.

The best perseverance quote I ever received was this one, “The best way to not get into Harvard, is to not apply.” 

The First Steps

So the first thing I did when I got back from Florida was to like the Law of Attraction Facebook page (I would have followed on twitter as well, but it didn’t have a twitter page). Social Media has become an amazing tool to reach companies and individuals in a personal way. A customer can now start a dialogue with their favorite company, in real-time, and with very little barriers. This wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago, but lucky for us, we are in the present!

Showing interest

So after liking the Facebook page, I sent the administrator of the LOA Facebook page a Facebook message saying how much I loved the magazine (I likened it to being an experience of a mini vacation and each page was like a wave of joy splashing onto me) I like words if you can’t already tell.

Showing my interest in that way did two things for me:

  1. It showed off my writing capabilities in a short couple of sentences
  2. It showed that I was passionate

I chose to send a Facebook message versus a comment, because Facebook messaging is more personal, and was the perfect avenue for what I was soon to ask later.

Ask and you shall receive

I asked her how she got writers for the Law of Attraction magazine.

I wanted to be a writer for the LOA magazine. So what better way to figure out how to do that then to ask the person behind the Facebook page for the magazine (I soon found out that the person who was running the Facebook page also happened to be the Editor-in-Chief!). Do your research. Ask the company of your dreams what they look for in an ideal candidate. The worst that can happen is that they don’t respond back to you. No one is going to yell or get mad at you for asking a question.

So she responded that they looked for experts in the LOA and Self-Help Field, and that they received real-life LOA experience articles from everyday individuals as well. So I started sending her articles that I thought would be great material for the magazine, and fit well with the LOA and Self-Help message.

In the online media world, CONTENT IS KING!

Knowing what content is right for your company or personal brand is essential to customer engagement. Law of Attraction magazine is not going to be sending content out about politics or negative press in the news (Law of Attraction principle: Like Attracts Like). Instead they would send out content about positivity, synchronicity, angels, and finding your life purpose. Their target audiences are predominantly older spiritual minded individuals, zen and yoga admirers, corporate professionals looking for an escape, and spiritual post-grads looking for an answer in the changing economy.


When I was re-reading one of the blog posts that I wrote on this website, I could picture an updated version of this post happily placed within the Law of Attraction magazine. I could visualize it very easily, but I needed to take the first step. Good things come for those who wait, but better things come for those who take the first step. So I went back to the LOA Facebook page, and I posted a link to my blog post to the wall.

A day or two later I got a message from the editor asking if I could send a hi-res headshot of myself, a quick bio, and an updated version of the article to her within 10 days. My article was going to appear in the Summer 2013 issue of the Law of Attraction magazine!

Sometimes we fall into the trap that we can’t get an opportunity, because of the economy. Or that we have to settle for average, because we don’t have the right resources for better.

A stubborn and persevering personality is FREE! It doesn’t cost you anything to have those qualities, but not having those qualities can cost you everything.

Take a moment to take charge of your life and grab whatever it is that you want. Demand what you want and receive the benefits. You have the ability to manifest miracles in your life, you just need to take the first step and the rest will be figured out.

Best of Love!